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How to Buy Online?

It’s easy, simply find the home you want and buy it on FirmRE in a few simple steps.  Best of all, a REALTOR© is here to help you each step of the way.

Register for a free My FirmRE account.  You can advance search for properties,  save searches, get updates, get advance notice when properties new properties are added, and more.

First Step : Find out how much you can afford & Find a home.

BuyerGetStarted_Setion1_Ipad_ImgHow much home can you afford?  Conventional financing limits are typically 28%/36%.  What is this mean?  The 28% represent the limit which your income compared to your home payment can be.  The 36% represent the limit your income compared to all your monthly expenses combine, including the new mortgage.  Use the affordability calculator below to help.
Once you know what you can afford, Let’s figure the price range you should focus your home search price on.  Use the Mortgage payment calculator below to help.
Contact one of our FirmRE REALTORS© or  start searching thousand of available properties and refine your search using features you need and want.
Once you have 3-5 properties you want to view, schedule a showing with a FirmRE REALTOR©.

Affordability Calculator


Mortgage Payment Calculator

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Second Step : Buy it online!

Buyer_2ndStepOnce you find a property your like.  Make an offer on the property and get a response from the seller.
The process is transparent and your are in control.  Get an estimate of what your closing cost might be by using the Closing Cost Calculator below.
Make sure you contact a FirmRE REALTOR© as soon as you find your dream property if you don’t want to risk losing the property.


Third Step : Close the Deal!

Buyer_3rdStepYou will get an email confirmation, Congratulating You on Your Win, followed by another with:

  • Contact information of all parties in the transaction.
  • Your closing date.
  • Details of the following steps.

Send in your earnest money deposit.  Including the following:

  • Proof of Funds if you are paying cash.
  • Commitment letter if you are Financing.

You will get an email confirmation, Congratulating You on Your closing and scheduled date confirmation.   Close on Your Home and take the Keys!


FirmRE Buyer Services

Self-service customer portal

FTHB Advantage Program

Relocation Advantage Program

 Basic FirmRE’s user account  Earn Up To $1,500 CASH at Closing Save Up to 3% On Your Sale & Purchase

 Access to Local/ International MLS & For Sale By Owner  Access to Local/ International MLS & For Sale By Owner  Access to Local/ International MLS & For Sale By Owner
 First Time Home Buyer & Financing  Assistance  Financing & Credit Repair Assistance Financing Assistance
 On Demand Realtor Assistance  Property Access, Offer Submission & Purchase Price Negotiation Market, Negotiate & Sell Current Home
 Manage Inspections & Coordinate Closing Property Search, Manage Inspections & Coordinate Closing on New Home
 Email & Support Forums  Email, & 24/7 Live Phone Support  Email, & 24/7 Live Phone Support

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