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FREC considering new ad rules for individual licensees

Posted by Editor on August 14, 2018
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the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) may consider a move to update individual ad regulations (61J2-10.025 Advertising) so that they include elements of recently approved team advertising regulations.

FREC does not yet have a written proposal for updated individual licensee advertising rules. The team-ad rules were discussed by FREC board members for about eight months and approved in late 2017.

Among other things, the team ad rules say that a team’s name cannot be bigger than the name of the brokerage name on any type of advertising, for example.

A copy of the new team ad regulations that could be FREC’s starting point for an individual advertising guideline update is posted on Florida Realtors website. The team advertising rule is effective now; advertising compliance, however, does not become mandatory until July 1, 2019.

Florida real estate licensees who want to voice their opinion on whether the rule should be changed may attend the Orlando-based meeting on Wednesday.

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