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Today will go down in history as the day we won real protections for net neutrality.

Posted by Editor on February 26, 2015
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You may have known or may not know that in the last couple month, years the internet community has been fighting big cable companies for stronger and enforceable net neutrality rules based on classifying broadband as a tier II communication service.
So after a long campaign, where huge sums were spent lobbying Congress to try to limit what we can create and build and do online… We accomplished what seemed impossible: we stood together, took on the goliaths, and won!
This was no small feat. It was the biggest show of public engagement the FCC had ever seen — a mass movement of historic proportions. Millions of public comments flooded Washington on this issue. By banding together, we’ve helped to keep the Web open and accessible for everyone, equally.
A handful of growing empires will no doubt try again to take more control of what is possible and what is imaginable on the Web. We hope as online marketers and as a Real Estate Brokerage who utilize the internet to provide a service to its customers, continue to support and stand  along side others who support this cause.  And will be there to support when the time comes again to stand against these empires. Strength in numbers — that’s how we win.

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